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My Vacation To The Maldives

27/08/2015 | | 0 Comment |

My Vacation To The Maldives

It was finally time for my getaway. The Maldives were just a nineteen hour flight into my future. Bags packed, I boarded the plane with visions of paradise in my head. This was a much needed vacation and I was ready for an experience in another world.

I was headed to Male, the destination where all travelers end up when entering or exiting the exotic islands of the Maldives. With only minutes left to land, I was fortunate enough to get a window view of the crystal turquoise seas, words couldn't describe its beauty.


Upon arrival at the Hulhule airport, I was greeted by the cool breeze and the weather was just right. Male was a busier island, but this wasn't where I would be staying. The Rangali island resort, for me, was just another shorter flight away--on a sea boat! This trip was already turning into a real adventure. In the sea plane, on my way to the resort, the views were impeccable. Just leaving the beautiful island city of Male, I could see more islands in the distance. It was like a goodie bag of islands you could choose from, and they were all glorious. It was difficult to choose what paradise I wanted to stay at, but I picked the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort because of how tranquil it seemed.

When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by the employees of the resort, a comforting feeling for me because I was so tired from all the flying. With that in mind, it was worth it. Paradise. This word fit so well. I felt like I was away from everything, in another world. It was better than I had imagined. Already, I was happy to make the trip. I booked my own villa, which seemed to float above the water. After I was escorted to my mini temporary home, I couldn't believe how endless the sea looked. I laid down on my soft bed after kicking my sandals off, and starred at the open ocean view from the balcony.
While there, I enjoyed the exceptional service and ambiance of my villa. After lounging, I decided it was time to explore. Instead of gazing at the sea, it was time for me to jump in it. I bought a ride on a small boat, that took other tourists out snorkeling. This experience was exhilarating. The waters are clear and filled with wildlife. The reef was colorful and the sunlight made the waters warm. The guide had suggested to go snorkeling at night, I was reluctant at first, but once I tried it was amazing. Being underwater with the coral was a dreamlike experience.

Maldives 1

I had enjoyed the food at my resort. It was a mixture of seafood and I loved the curried dishes they would prepare. I wanted to experience the underwater restaurant everybody was talking about. It was a small restaurant called Ithaa Undersea restaurant. When there, I was completely shocked. I didn't know how I was going to feel undersea while eating, but it was calming. The staff's service was five stars and the fact that I had made friends had made it even better.

Further into my vacation I decided to take a quick trip back to Male. Some new friends and I were heading over there to see what shops Male had to offer. The Antique and Style Mart was one of the first places we stopped at. The shop stood out to me because of the cultural items that were offered. I bough a few pieces to put on my wall when I had to go home. During the day we traveled in and out of souvenir shops. Then we visited the Agora shopping center in the middle of the island. Everything from foods to household goods was sold there at good prices. 

My trip was coming to an end. I would miss the beautiful paradise of the Maldives. I would keep in contact with my new friends, maybe next time we will visit the island together! Back at the Hulhule airport I did some last minute souvenir shopping. I wanted to keep as much memories as possible and the airport had a wide variety of last minute keepsakes to offer. My experience was amazing to say the least, all I know is I will definitely be going back to explore more islands of the Maldives.


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